Engine Performance Increase by HOFELE Motor-Technik

Motortuning - Chiptuning

Hofele-Design GmbH

Hofele Design GmbH is an innovative company in the product range vehicle parts development of international markets and supply reputable automotive manufacturers and trading companies worldwide for over 30 years.

A special emphasis of the company Hofele Design on the business "MotorTechnik" with the competent performance increase per additional tuning box. Especially for this sector, the company Hofele Design has developed with high quality high performance processors and using high quality materials (housing, OEM connector systems) and a software development according to the latest technical standards in the "performance enhancement" for you.

The decisive factors "Power", "Quality" and "Reliability" can be implemented without compromising on these products and are of the highest German and European quality standards.

The Hofele MotorTechnik develops a control unit for 12 noble brands and several individual vehicle types.
The vehicles are perfectly matched on the road test, and on the dyno.

'Hofele Dynamic Plus', will convince you completely by performance and economy.

  • more power
  • more torque
  • less consumption
  • more driving pleasure

Plug & Play

Formerly, tuning was a, 'Heavy Metal' crafts, today it is, 'cyber art' ...
Especially in the sector of performance enhancement by adaptive additional control unit has changed and improved in recent years very much.
Where were formerly required a lot of effort still large engine modifications to improve performance, so we now extend the Hofele MotorTechnik engine technology auxiliary control devices for the electronic optimization of engine parameters to achieve a rich performance increase.
As a specialist in the tuning by additional control unit provides them with Hofele MotorTechnik an auxiliary control device that you can plug in the engine compartment even with little effort and in a very short time.
Simply plug of one, or more, deduct original engine sensors and the cable of the auxiliary control unit stuck in between.
That's all!
A simple plug-and-play solution.

For questions you are welcome to contact our technical support team.


Performance does not exclude safety!
The classic, previous method of "chip tuning", also called OBD accesses in the original series engine control unit and changes in the original ECU the engine parameters-
This is an intervention in a closed system of the vehicle manufacturer.
The modern contrast, the Hofele MotorTechnik control unit, it uses an external sensor messages from optimizes these messages and forwards them as commands to further self-contained system of the original engine control unit on.
Retained all the features and safety systems of the manufacturer are still there and untouched.
Full protection for your engine is received.
Characteristics that are faulty, the control unit recognizes and responds immediately or neutralized this.
Also the emergency running properties remain fully functional.
By simply unplugging the Hofele control unit, the original state is restored within a few minutes again - as simple as that.


We trust our system completely and therefore HOFELE gives a Warranty of 24 months to our product HOFELE Motor Tuning Unit (box, inside electronic and cable kit) ‘Dynamic Plus’. If the ‘Dynamic Plus’ system will not work at any time within this 24 months, you will get it repaired or new parts. Start of the Warranty Time is the date, when the product is leaving the HOFELE factory. This product is a high-tech product and Made in Germany.


Legal Statement

for installation of CPU-boxes / Motor tuning boxes or Chip tuning boxes.

Hofele Germany cannot say, how the legal regulations are in your country.
It is up to the purchaser and user to comply with the national laws for vehicle registration. In any way, you should inform your national car insurance and national vehicle registration office about your installation of this CPU – Chip-Tuning-Box and the improved power of your car. If you do not register this conversion officially, it may be illegal in some areas or countries to drive this car or use it in public traffic. In some countries it is only allowed to use this increased power on race tracks or race circuits. In general we deliver no TUV-certificate or other EU-homologation certificate for this products.

For a limited quantity of car types we offer for this power increase units a German TUV-certificate. This is getting more and more, but up to now, the majority is without TUV-certificate. In any case, our Chip-Tuning-product is developed for all motors and motor versions under the same high tech level and quality control. HOFELE was a TUV-approved and audited Quality Control Management System.

Easy and fast Plug-in and Plug-off system allows you, to plug off your HOFELE system very fast (by your own, if you want). The chip tuning could be de-installed without a trace. The chip tuning box can easily be removed from anyone and at anytime, even in a shortest time, and plugged off, even before any service appointment or 2-year follow-up national legal checks.

Immediately after removal of the chip tuning box can no longer determine the tuning and the car returns the old series performance. For this reason, the chip tuning box is ideal for corporate, financing and leasing vehicles.

Impact on warranty claims and warranties

By installing a chip tuning box, you may lose the customer warranty claims on the engine compared to the guarantor for your car. The installation of a chip tuning box can affect your warranty claims against the vehicle seller with respect to the modified vehicle.

The installation of a Dynamic Plus can affect the insurance coverage of your vehicle. Therefore, you must notify your car insurance company before installation


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