Engine Performance Increase by HOFELE Motor-Technik

Product Overview

Hofele Dynamic Plus

Hofele 'Dynamic Plus', equipped with the IPQ-processor (Quanti-Speed) with multichannel technologie is the high-end version on the world market in the sector adaptive performance upgrade systems.The high-tech components with various multi-channel sensors, high-frequency board and self-learning auto-refresh guarantees an excellent, maximum power output.

The ECO Fuel optimizer will only turn on the power boost, if requested by the accelerator pedal position by the pilot. Otherwise, the auxiliary control unit latches intelligent out of the vehicle electronics and leaves the original vehicle manufacturer setting work.

A reduction in fuel consumption from the fact that results in a constant speed (speed limit) can be reduced due to the increased engine power, the accelerator pedal position.

Hardware/state-of-the-art processors
The latest automotive hardware components, with best quality standard under EU and DIN standard
IPQ -Intelligent Performance Quanti-Speed High-performance processors operate in the nanosecond range with up to 90 million map processing cycles.
Multi-channel sensor at various high-performance engine versions optimize the maximum power output.
The software is developed and tested by our engineers on the test bench and also on the road.

Fuel economy
By our ECO Fuel optimization program, you can save up to 1l/100km fuel.
Here goes performance upgrade and consumption optimization in a symbiosis.



Engine guarantee
The company Hofele MotorTechnik offer you for the version 'Dynamic Plus' 2 years free warranty for your engine and this is a high level of security and trust.
This engine warranty is issued directly by Hofele MotorTechnik and to demonstrate our confidence in our Hofele performance enhancement system.

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OEM Automotive Connector & Housing
Hofele used connectors, the special for the German automotive industry approved and manufactured (oem-plugs) Our housing the tuning boxes are made of special ABS injection OEM plastic and in combination with the OEM plugs, as well as special rubber body seals, very sturdy and waterproof.

Made inputs & outputs, as well as vehicle change slightly
Thanks to a simple plug and play solution you can install their auxiliary control unit within minutes even: pull original cable connector from the sensor and plug this cable end into the `Dynamic Plus' harness. Plug the other end of the Dynamic Plus' harness into the sensor.
At the other end of the Y-harness the new auxiliary control unit sits. This still attached in the engine compartment.
And of course you can just quickly move your vehicle to its original condition: Easy to reposition again.
And another benefit and advantage: When you change your vehicle send your module to us and we will program it for 89 euro incl a new harness for your new car ...

Made in Germany & experience in the automotive sector
With over 30 years of experience as a supplier to the automotive industry and the automotive dealers Hofele company brings a lot of expertise, as a basis for a serious engine tuning system.
Again, we emphasize quality, control and closed production systems and develop and produce pure in Germany.

Hofele PowerPedal

Dynamic, responsive, variable - the new Hofele 'Pedal Power'.
The vast majority of current vehicle models are equipped with a so-called 'E-gas'.
For an electronic accelerator is meant that converts the mechanical commands the driver's foot into an electronic signal for transmission to the engine electronics.
This can lead to delays by sluggish electronic systems.
Where we come in!

In order to improve the response, Hofele MotorTechnik developed that 'Pedal Power', a sophisticated electronics that converts the driver's commands quickly and forwards as a command
It is a plug and play device which is easily plugged in by anyone in the accelerator electronic, behind the gaspedal.

The driver can adjust the throttle response even individually.
That 'pedal power 'comes with four pre-programmed settings that can be freely selected:

  • "OFF"
  • "CITY"
  • "SPORT"
  • "SPORT Plus"

That Pedal Power 'improves the standard programmed accelerator characteristics of the vehicle manufacturer, the programmed course, a characteristic that must match for new drivers and the elderly.

More dynamic
There are no more delay moments.
The response of the vehicle is now directly on the amplified signal of 'PowerPedal' box.
The driver gets a sportier and more spontaneous response from the engine.
Driving is so much more fun!
Those 'PowerPedal' box is car specific programmed and is supplied as a complete set.
The attractive housing and innovative design for a perfect 'handling' in dealing with the control unit.
The operation is simple, easy to understand and changeable while driving.

Hofele TuningOil

Super-Longlife oils for high performance and tuned engines

  • For gasoline and diesel engines
  • For turbo engines and engines without turbocharger

Supports chip tuned engines for easier engine running, less friction, better implementation of more power and fuel consumption.

Hofele Tuning Oil, the best support for electronic engine tuning.

f.e. 5W/30 Longlife Premium: released under various designations für : VW-Norm 504.00, 507.00, Mercedes-Benz 229.51,

Special oil released for: BMW Longlife 04, Porsche, Ford, Opel-Norm.


This Hofele Tuning Oil brings in combination with the Hofele, ‘Dynamic' and 'Dynamic Plus' tuning box, the optimal power output.

Hofele sport air filter

Almost as long as the Firma Hofele exist, the company K&N produces air filter.
Both companies are combined here with their experience and K & N produce for Hofele MotorTechnik, a special program of high performance sport air filters in a sought vote for the upgrated turbo engines.

This high-performance sports filter bring in combination with the Hofele, Dynamic 'and' Dynamic Plus' performance enhancement kit for turbo gasoline and turbo diesel engines, the optimal power output. This combination is also used in international motorsport.
The Hofele sport air filters are made of 4 layers of pure cotton against stiff steel mesh, razor-thin processed with special filter oil and have the advantage over an OEM factory paper filter up to 40% more air flow.

These are further advantages of the Hofele-air-filter:

  • 40% more air flow
  • This increase performance and results specifically with additional control unit to more Power
  • Powerful suction sound possible
  • Motorsport tested
  • Long runtimes 30,000 and 100,000 km, then simply wash the air filter, new oil and drive sport air filter on.
  • Easily replace the series filter in the air filter box, in exchange for the Hofele-filter
  • Guarantee of 1 million kilometers for each air filter, with normal care
  • Great program for over 3000 vehicle models

Due to the one-time purchase of a sport air filter saves you constantly costs of conventional filter, thereby protecting the environment.

Hofele Engine warranty

We trust our new system completely and therefore we offer you when you install the Hofele-selective control valve for a free temporary engine warranty for your vehicle. Warranty conditions must be fulfilled. This warranty gives you a high level of protection and is directly across Hofele Design settled. For our engine warranty we do it by Hofele himselve and have no third party in the boat.
Here you will find more information about our engine warranty
Engine warranty is available for Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

Legal Statement

for installation of CPU-boxes / Motor tuning boxes or Chip tuning boxes.

Hofele Germany cannot say, how the legal regulations are in your country.
It is up to the purchaser and user to comply with the national laws for vehicle registration. In any way, you should inform your national car insurance and national vehicle registration office about your installation of this CPU – Chip-Tuning-Box and the improved power of your car. If you do not register this conversion officially, it may be illegal in some areas or countries to drive this car or use it in public traffic. In some countries it is only allowed to use this increased power on race tracks or race circuits. In general we deliver no TUV-certificate or other EU-homologation certificate for this products.

For a limited quantity of car types we offer for this power increase units a German TUV-certificate. This is getting more and more, but up to now, the majority is without TUV-certificate. In any case, our Chip-Tuning-product is developed for all motors and motor versions under the same high tech level and quality control. HOFELE was a TUV-approved and audited Quality Control Management System.

Easy and fast Plug-in and Plug-off system allows you, to plug off your HOFELE system very fast (by your own, if you want). The chip tuning could be de-installed without a trace. The chip tuning box can easily be removed from anyone and at anytime, even in a shortest time, and plugged off, even before any service appointment or 2-year follow-up national legal checks.

Immediately after removal of the chip tuning box can no longer determine the tuning and the car returns the old series performance. For this reason, the chip tuning box is ideal for corporate, financing and leasing vehicles.

Impact on warranty claims and warranties

By installing a chip tuning box, you may lose the customer warranty claims on the engine compared to the guarantor for your car. The installation of a chip tuning box can affect your warranty claims against the vehicle seller with respect to the modified vehicle.

The installation of a Dynamic Plus can affect the insurance coverage of your vehicle. Therefore, you must notify your car insurance company before installation

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